Drop In Class Descriptions

Core Fusion

A Hatha based practice with special emphasis is focused on developing the muscles of the core to improve posture and aid in injury prevention.

Deep and Delicious (Slow Flow Yoga)

Move slowly through a flow of yoga postures to achieve a deep stretch and release tightness, aches and stress held in the body. This class begins with breathwork and ends in stillness to cultivate focus and peace.

Hatha Yoga

Experience a practice that embraces balance. Journey into a calm and grounded state as you connect the body and mind by combining pranayama (breath work) and asanas (postures) designed to encourage both strength and flexibility.


A technique for stilling the mind and body in order to achieve an inner state of peace, happiness and bliss.


Stretch, strengthen and fine tune your body. Developed in the early 1900’s, Pilates was a form of movement introduced to rehabilitate and maintain the health of WW1 soldiers. Focusing on the core, Pilates exercises help to create alignment and balance within the body while developing strength and mobility for an overall body workout.

Restorative Yoga

A gentle and healing practice. Supported by props, practitioners are able to hold the postures for longer periods of time to encourage a deep release in muscle tissue and fascia. The slow and safe pace of the class is a perfect environment to let go of tensions of any kind. Suitable for all levels including pre/post natal and those recovering from injury

Stretch and Strength

Yoga for tight muscles. A stretch and strengthening class designed for bodies with muscles that have been conditioned to other activities such as running, sports, or sitting for long periods. Lengthen, tone and strengthen in this conditioning class.

Sweet Surrender (Hatha and Yin fusion)

The practice of Yin (stillness) and Hatha (balance) come together as an invitation to surrender your body while embracing limitations and exploring possibilities. This creative fusion navigates through your being in search for expansion and gratitude.

Vinyasa (Flow) Yoga

An invigorating practice focusing on strength and stamina. Flow through asanas (postures) in sequence with your breath in a dynamic practise honouring alignment and the building of your own inner heat.

Yin Yoga

A slower practice designed to stimulate connective tissue. The postures are supported and are not strenuous on the muscles so can be held for longer periods of time. With an emphasis on releasing the muscles, it is especially great in promoting flexibility in the hips, pelvis and spine. It is a great compliment to mediation and regular yoga practices as well as day to day activities by promoting overall joint health.

Specialty Classes and Workshops

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Bodhi Bliss

Treat yourself. On the 1st Friday of every month, experience a class of pure bliss combining gentle hatha yoga, restorative postures and massage. A great start to your month!

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Prenatal Yoga

Hatha yoga designed and modified for expectant mothers. Safe for all stages of pregnancy, beginners welcome. Prepare for the next chapter to come by connecting with other mothers in a safe and welcoming environment reserving the first 15 minutes of class for discussing and questions. Connect with yourself and your baby as you nourish your changing and developing body.

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” Satsang - to recognize our true nature as peace and unconditional fulfilled love.” Join us for a spring celebraton of being! Come and experience a space to gather and be at home in the heart. Enjoy a yoga practice, meditation and end with a discussion (sharing or silence welcome)

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Karma Yoga Classes

Karma Yoga is a selfless action or deed. It is the practice of acting selflessly, without the thought or expectation of a gain or reward in return. It teaches us that by detaching from the fruits of our actions, we experience the fruit of the action itself and the deep joy that comes from simply giving.

The class is a Hatha style and the teachers are students of the Bodhi Branch of Knowledge Mentorship Program and recent Yoga Teacher Training Graduates. They work closely with experienced Bodhi teachers to develop their teaching skills and apply the practice of yoga in their lives. They generously donate their time and expertise for their love of yoga and commitment to developing themselves as teachers.

Karma classes are by donation only. A minimum of $10 offering is requested and all donations go to supporting local charities. This is a terrific class for a beginner or a seasoned yogi looking to try something new. Karma classes are also a great way to practice yoga on a budget while supporting a great cause.